Biolabs 4 Dungeon Entrance Quest

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Biolabs 4 Dungeon Entrance Quest
Base Level: At least Level 60 and above
Quest Prerequisite(s): Factory Quest, Einbroch Murder Quest, Biolabs Entrance Quest, President Quest, Cursed Spirit Quest, Odin's Temple Excavation Quest and Rebellion Quest
Quest Reward(s): Access to Biolabs 4 Dungeon

1. After you have finished all pre-requisite quests, proceed to the slums area of Lighthalzen and find an NPC called Jerome Jameson (303, 304) and talk to him to initiate the quest.


2. Head over to lhz_03 (Lighthalzen Dungeon 3) and find the entrance to Biolabs 4 on the lower right of the dungeon:


3. Enter the warp and you'll find yourself on the fourth floor of the Biolabs dungeon:


4. Keep following the road and walk up when you can and you'll find someone familiar....


5. After realising that he is Professor Wolfchev who has gone missing, the both of you engaged in a game of chase... (don't worry, your character will follow him and you don't have to find him)



6. After a cat-and-mouse chase, you will now arrive at a place where you have to fight against his malfunctioned experiments...


7. Kill all of those malfunctioned experiments. There is a time limit for this (about 15 or 20 minutes) so make sure you do it fast.


8. After that, talk to Wolfchev and he will point you in the 12 O'Clock direction:




9. When you see the blue words and the dialogue has ended, DO NOT talk to him again - walk straight to the 12o'clock position in relation to the scientist and you will trigger another set of dialog which will warp you to Wolfchev's Laboratory (Lhz_dun04)



If you do not walk to the 12 o'clock position and trigger the npc, and end up talking to him again he will warp you back to the entrance of the slums. Somehow, according to Deluce, if you talked to him twice and get warped back, you need to redo the whole quest from the beginning in order to gain access to Biolabs 4.

However, if you messed up first time but did it right the second time, you won't have to redo the whole quest again. You will be able to gain access to Biolabs 4 immediately through the southeast warp in Biolabs 3 that leads to Biolabs 4. So bear in mind and don't talk to the NPC twice at Step 9.

Steps 7 to 9 are finished by Deluce. Credits and cookies to her. Thank you. HAVE MY BABIES!