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There is a realm that is rumored to contain different evils trapped by the adventurers of old. Certain adventurers have discovered the area and reported it to the King. Because the King has deemed it unsafe for the people, some proof must be presented for people to be allowed inside.

Base Level 1, any job except Third Job
Unknown Coupon.jpg

1 Unknown Coupon

You can get Unknown Coupon by Winning a Poring Race.


1. Talk to the Bossnia Staff in:
Prontera (133, 124)
Geffen (124, 169)
Payon (165, 150)
Morocc (142, 100)
Lighthalzen (203, 140)
Rachel (132, 144).



2. The NPC will ask you if you want to enter. You must present an Unknown Coupon to enter the dungeon.


  • No EXP loss in Bossnia.
  • No PK in Bossnia.
  • Upon exiting Bossnia, players will respawn at their save points. To exit Bossnia, players may respawn, reconnect, use Warp Portal, or use a Butterfly Wing. Once you exit Bossnia, you will have to talk to the NPC to enter again. You will have to present the requirements to enter,
  • Teleport does not work. Safety Wall works.
  • Spawn point in Bossnia is not random.

Monster List



This might change since we're still fixing the script and the guidelines.

by Kazumi