Bradium Earrings Quest

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Credits to NightX

Pre-requisite Quest

El Dicastes Quest

Quest Reward

1 Bradium Earring


Note: Have Ring of the Wise King equipped

  1. Talk to this Fred Guy in El Dicastes.
  2. After talking, he will ask you to come to his house.
  3. Talk to Fred again until he asks you to meet his friends.
  4. Go to Scaraba Hole and find Fred's friends.
  5. After meeting Fred's friends, go back to fred (El Dicastes) and go to the southwest building.
  6. Once you're in the building, choose "3rd floor residence".
  7. Talk to Fred and he will ask you to find Bowie.
  8. Bowie is in north-west part building of El Dicastes. Talk to Bowie and he'll ask you to find 30 tiny bradiums (dropped by Dolomedes)
  9. Once you have the 30 pieces, head back to Bowie and give the tiny bradiums to him.
  10. Wait for 2 hours and talk to him again.
  11. After waiting two hours, he will give the bradium and he will ask you to give it to Fred's friends
  12. Now go back to Scaraba Hole and give it to them
  13. When youre done giving the items, head back to El Dicastes and talk to Fred.
    He will give you bradium earring as a reward