Bradium Earrings Quest

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Credits to • Tyranis •


Pre-requisite Quest

El Dicastes Quest

Quest Reward

1 Bradium Earring

Quest Item Requirement

30 Tiny/Small Bradium (Drop from Dolomedes)
Ring of the Wise King


Note: Have Ring of the Wise King equipped

• Talk to Frede in El Dicastes (dicastes01 117, 262), who isn't feeling well. You are warped to a the Sapha residences.

• Talk to Frede, who mentions he's feeling better after getting a shot of Bradium. You mention you're feeling faint, and he gives you a Banana. Your HP drops by 90%. Frede says his leg won't ever recover, and says the Sapha have been hit with an epidemic. He mentions some of his friends, who are now "still".

• He asks you to visit his friends who work in the caves outside town(dic_dun01), as they must report back soon for their shots. Inside the dungeon, talk to the following NPCs (in any order):

1. Brian (dic_dun01 205, 43).

2. John (235, 243).

3. Tyler (153, 107).

4. Lash (58, 225).

5. Bain (64, 107).


6. On Level 2, talk to Rose (dic_dun02 111, 127), immediately southeast of the entrance.

• Return to Frede on floor 3 of the dormitories(dicastes01 136, 106) southwest of the map, and he tells you to help out the Refinery, which is short on Bradium.

• Go to the refinery near 11 o' clock (dicastes01 162, 295) and talk to Bowie, who says you can help out if you bring 30 Small/Tiny Bradium(Drop from Dolomedes).

• Return with the Bradium, and Bowie will take 2 hours to refine it.

• After collecting the Bradium from Bowie, return to each of the 6 friends (again, in any order).

• Return to Frede(dicastes01 136, 106) and receive a Bradium Earring.