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Your Game's EXE File is not the latest version

Visit this page for more info.

Errors due to your client being edited or if you're using a third party program to logon

Read the explanations in our Harmony Game Guard Page since we have changed our system for Episode 3.

Failed to connect

Before making inquiries, make sure the server is not under maintenance. To check, open IntenseRO's main website. The server's status is shown on the top of the screen. If the server is up and you're still getting this error, make sure to check that your firewall isn't blocking RO.

Error: Speak friend, and enter: 0x000005b4 Please report this.

    • For Windows XP Users:
      1. Click on 'Start'
      2. Click on 'Run'
      3. Type 'cmd' in the box and press 'OK'
      4. The Command Prompt window will pop up. Type in ping
    • For Windows Vista / Windows 7:
      1. Click on the Windows Icon/Button/Start
      2. Click on the Search box and type in 'cmd', then press the Enter key.
      3. The Command Prompt window will pop up. Type in ping

  • If you're timing out, you'll have to check with other players (via Forums/Facebook Group -or- Fan Page) if the Server is down. If the Server is UP and running, you might want to give your ISP a call and talk to them why you're unable to connect to the given IP address.
  • Make sure that your Client isn't corrupted either. It's rare but make sure you download the installer via Torrent.

OLE error C00D0FEB

  • Since the Patcher plays music when you run it, it needs Windows Media Player and/or Quicktime to be installed in your computer otherwise you'll get this error.
  • Make sure that your Windows Media Player and/or Quicktime is up-to-date.

Character Stuck or Cannot Move in-game

Just press ALT+TAB and go back into the game. You should be able to move after tabbing back in, unless you were previously sitting and clicked on the Heal & Buff NPC which you'll have to press Insert (Sit) then try to stand up again.

  • Some players have reported that this is not just a little issue for players who play in Windowed Mode; even in Fullscreen you can get this.

DINPUT.dll error

If DINPUT causes problems with your cursor, then the best remedy is to delete the file from your RO directory and just not use it.


DINPUT is used for Mouse Freedom. 
This allows you to move your mouse outside of the RO window, without having to ALT Tab.

Error: "Cannot init d3d or grf has problem"

RO is not detecting your graphics card/drivers. To fix this, open Setup.exe in your RO folder. You should see something in the first two drop down menus.


In this picture, these are Direct3D HAL and 800 x 600 x 16. If not, please set them to your appropriate Video Card and Screen Resolution. If you're not sure what your video (graphics) card is, just try random ones. Make sure settings are saved, which might not occur if Ragnarok Online is not installed properly. If you can't see any other choices other than Direct3D, you might need to update your Video Drivers or DirectX. You also might need to reboot your pc after applying changes.

This is a symptom of graphics driver problems. You must have both graphics drivers for your graphics card, and Microsoft DirectX installed to play RO (as well as most other games)

1) Open setup.exe in the RO folder, and make sure something is selected in the first two menus. If one or both of them has no options available (which will probably be the case) that means that you have a graphics driver problem.

2) Start -> run -> dxdiag - see if it works and brings up a diagnostic program. If it does, go to 4).

3) If that doesn't work, you don't have directx installed - download it from microsoft website (and if you've got a pirated copy of windows and it won't let you do that, search for the "redistributable", which is not protected like that). Install directx, and try setup.exe again.

4) If it still does not give you any options, you do not have working graphics drivers installed for your graphics card. You can download them from the manufacturer of your graphics card (or, in the case of some systems, from the manufacturer of the computer). Install them.

5) Run setup.exe and select an option from both of the top menus, and RO will now work.

--Credits to iRO.

External execption C06D007F

After running the IntenseRO V3 Patcher, this error pops up. Uninstall and reinstall (or better yet update) your Internet Explorer.

Access Violation at address 004F4755 in module 'IntenseRO v3 Patcher.exe'

Run the game as Administrator.

Distorted Screenshots

This happens when running RO using a non-standard aspect ratio. RO is an old game, and it pre-dates the whole widescreen scam*. On some systems, this results in screenshots not being taken correctly when using aspect ratios (the ratio of horizontal:vertical window size) other than 4:3.

1) Open setup.exe in the ragnarok folder. From the second menu, select a resolution with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Typical choices are 800x600 (for small screens), 1024x768, etc. 1200x1024 also probably works, as despite having a 5:4 aspect ratio, this resolution was widely used while RO was in development. Check the box for windowed mode (because on any LCD widescreen monitor, running with a 4:3 aspect ratio will result in the game being stretched unacceptably.

2) Click OK and restart RO. --Credits to iRO

Solution 1: Change your resolution

Change the resolution of your RO to one that isn't widescreen. (640x480, 1024x768, 1280x1024)

Solution 2: Run in Full Screen

Try running your game in full screen mode. If you're currently running on full screen mode, switch to windowed mode.

Trojan / Virus Alert (False Positive)

Some anti-virus programs may flag IntenseROv3.exe and IntenseRO v3 patcher as a trojan/virus. This is a false positive.

Anti-virus programs that may flag the files as a trojan:

Solution: Set your IntenseRO Folder as an exception on your AV or Uninstall and use another Anti Virus.

Restoring the deleted IntenseRO Files.

  • Download the iRO Client Fix

iRO Client Fix

  • Extract the files.


  • Copy the said files and paste it in your RO Root directory.

And you're good to go! Run IntenseRO v3 patcher again to play Intense!

Missing BGM/Wrong BGM for Maps

The latest full client does not have all the BGM for Ragnarok Online. If you wish to have all of them, you may download them via this link.

Access Violation Error

This is one of the common errors you get when patching using windows 7/Vista, Please just continue patching until its done and the patcher will continue patching and repacking the resource files. Once the Patcher completes repacking/patching you will see the start button is available to START the game. Close the error module and your patcher once done and start IntenseRO v3 patcher again. Papa.png

Patching kRO and kRO RE

Most users have difficulty patching kRO and kRO RE. The Image will show you which icon you have to click or RUN as administrator to patch your kRO and kRO RE! Please note we use kRO and kRO RE as base grf (resource files) for running IntenseRO. So Patching both is really necessary.

Please make sure you are not running IntenseRO while patching else it will fail.


Rix_Squirrel_10.eot ERROR after patching

This is also one of the most common errors players get after patching kRO and kRO RE. Need not worry we have packed the file that will fix your issue.


Download this package!




PASTE IT IN YOUR DATA FOLDER (inside your RO ROOT Directory)



and done! You may now try to Run IntenseRO again.

SPRITE ERROR (Unknown Language)


Please set your SYSTEM LOCALE to ENGLISH (United States).



'Click OK! Then APPLY! Then restart your computer.