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About ETC Shop

An NPC (non player character) which sells various useful ETC items

The ETC Shop NPC

ETC Shop NPC.jpg

What it sells

Item Name Price Item Name Price
985.gif Elunium 5000z 984.gif Oridecon 5000z
Alloytrap.gif Trap 100z 715.gif Yellow Gemstone 500z
Holymarble.gif Red Gemstone 500z 717.gif Blue Gemstone 500z
999.gif Steel 200z 1000.gif Star Crumb 450z
998.gif Iron 100z Redblood.gif Red Blood 100z
Crystalblue.gif Crystal Blue 100z Windofverdure.gif Wind of Verdure 100z
Greenlive.gif Green Live 100z 994.gif Flame Heart 300z
995.gif Mystic Frozen 300z 996.gif Rough Wind 300z
997.gif Great Nature 300z Cobweb.gif Cobweb 184z
7433.gif Blank Scroll 400z 612.gif Mini Furnace 150z
613.gif Iron Hammer 100z 614.gif Golden Hammer 300z
615.gif Oridecon Hammer 500z