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A Server without a name, that's how IntenseRO started. We handed the installers to our friends first, since we had nothing else going on. We were getting tired of the games that we were playing. Five players and I voted for what to name the Server and after 3 days, the name "Intense Ragnarok Online" was decided. My old Co-Admin (Kochiro) bugged me for 2 long months until I finally created this Server. On October 29, 2009 we finally launched the Server to be available for everyone. We advertised on RateMyServer and various sites. The first 3 days there were only 15 players (including Rhizokeel and BattleChaser) while our rates were only 100x/100x/Custom. Then I decided to add Third Jobs since I have known Rytech for a while already, added that 3CeaM was about to release their Ragnarok Online emulator. At the time, I used something else that had Third Jobs then our population rose up to about 60 players within the first 2 weeks. Then I added in 3CeaM's emulator and got the IntenseRO website up around the same time which exponentially improved our player count. When we reached about 100 players, Kochiro dreamed that we would reach 1000 players, which we hit that mark around early January. I had † Brother † and Sola as Staff, who were there to help me out while I was dealing with the crashes that came with the 3CeaM update. I asked Rytech's help to fix the system so he can observe firsthand and then he decided to join the Staff. We had two rough months wherein I did not get any sleep. Brain-dead mobs were everywhere that I had to restart the Server every once in a while; there were more issues that we had to continuously fix. By December, we reached about 800 players.

• Kazumi •, June 25, 2011