Rune Knight Job Change Guide

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Rune Knight Job Change Guide
Base Level: 99
Job Level: 50
Class: Knight
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Reset Stone
(if Non-VIP)
Item(s): 1 Rune Circlet [1], 1 Green Apple Ring, and 1 Rune Plate [1] or 1 Energy Rune Guard [1]
Quest Reward(s): Job Change to Rune Knight
  1. Go to the bar south of the eastern Prontera Inn, and go south from the portal. (206, 156)
  2. Speak with Splendid looking Knight (prt_in 164, 23).
  3. Choose the option Sure, let's have a drink., then I'm ready to be a Rune Knight..
  4. Travel to Glast Heim, go to the northwestern part of the map.
  5. Speak with Rune Knight Jungberg (glast_01 43, 361), choose the option I came to be a Rune Knight.
  6. Travel to level 2 of the Glast Heim Chivalry.
  7. Speak to Rune Knight Staff (gl_knt02 144, 53), south of the middle of the map. You will be warped to the meeting area of Rune Knights.
  8. Talk to Rune Knight Captain (81, 60) directly left of the point you enter the map.
  9. Talk to Rune Knight Lunarea (89, 50) to the southeast, say you're ready to take the test.
  10. Kill the Raydrics, Raydric Archers, Khalitzburgs, Wraith Deads, Rybio and Phen Dark as they spawn. Every so often, the four tester Rune Knights will appear, and you can talk to one of the four of them for a buff or a negative status (e.g. curse, stun). Survive this, and you will be returned to the Rune Knights.
  11. Speak with Rune Knight Lunarea (89, 50) again.
  12. Talk to Rune Knight Captain (81, 60) again.
  13. Go to the west portion of the room, and talk to Rune Knight Reona.
  14. Go to each book case, and read the three books Runes and Rune Knights, The Principles of Runes, and The Making and Use of Runes.
  15. Talk to Rune Knight Reona again, she will state that she is going to send you to Sage Serpeone in Ash Vacuum.
  16. Talk to Rune Knight Reona again, and say I'm prepared. You will be warped next to Sage Serpeone in Ash Vacuum.
  17. Speak with Sage Serpeone, she will give you a quest to kill 10 Dullahans, 10 Disguises, 10 Quves, and 10 Heirozoist.
  18. Travel to Niffleheim's first field map from Umbala, and kill the 40 monsters.
  19. Return to Ash Vacuum, and speak with Sage Serpeone once more. Choose I've gathered enough energy.
  20. Talk to Sage Serpeone again to enter the Rune Knight meeting area once more.
  21. Go to the west, and speak with Rune Knight Reona
  22. Click on the furnace to Rune Knight Reona's right, and match the runes with the shape that the furnace tells you. There will be a short delay as you proceed through the furnace chat before you can type in a Rune's name. You must type the rune's name in with the first letter capitalized.
    • Ehwaz - Red Spiral.
    • Osilia - Violet oblique line.
    • Mannaz - Emerald diamond.
    • Ansuz - Emerald round.
    • Hagalaz - Skyblue star.
    • Kano - Red diamond.
    • Rhydo - Skyblue oblique line.
    • Turisus - ???
    • Dagaz - Emerald spiral.
    • Sowilo - Skyblue fan.
    • Laguz - Yellow diamond.
    • Isia - Violet slant.
    • Pertz - Silver spiral.
    • Verkana - Gold star.
    • Gebo - Yellow cone.
    • Algiz - Emerald oblique line.
    • Arwez - Gray diamond.
    • Teiwaz - Gold round.
    • Wunjo - Emerald star.
    • Jera - Yellow round.
    • Nosiege - Yellow fan-shape.
    • Ingz - Violet diamond.
    • Fehu - Silver round.
    • Urj - Violet spiral.
    • NOTE: Isia in the book says 'violet spiral', but it is 'violent slant' with the furnace. There are two mentions of 'Ehwaz' in the book, with different shapes and colors. The second Ehwaz (gray diamond) is actually Arwez.
  23. Speak with Rune Knight Reona after you have created 20 runes.
  24. Go east, speak with Rune Knight Captain again.
  25. Go to eastern part of the room, speak with Rune Knight Velpino
  26. Go to the middle of the room, unequip all of your items other than your choice of weapon, or weapon and shield, and place them in storage. You cannot be over 400 weight.
  27. Go east and speak with Rune Knight Velpino, and choose Enter the Final Test Field
  28. Velpino will give you two types of runes, and 20 of each. The first set will cast Storm Blast, and the second set will cast Millenium Shield.
  29. Once you have entered the test room, you will fight 1 Ogretooth , 1 Executioner , and 1 Mysteltainn one at a time. The next monster spawns as soon as the previous monster dies.
    • NOTE: The runes given to you will be taken away once the test is completed. Do not be afraid to use all of the runes given to you.
  30. Once you have defeated the three monsters, you will be warped back to the Rune Knight job change area. Speak to Velpino repeatedly until he directs you to return to the captain.
  31. Speak with Captain Tigris, who will congratulate you and ask you to dismount from your Peco Peco and store all items (player must be at 0 weight). Do so and speak with him again, he will change you to Rune Knight and give you 1 Green Apple Ring and 1 Rune Circlet [1]
  32. Speak with him again and you will be given 1 Rune Plate [1] or 1 Energy Rune Guard [1]. (Note: I just completed this as of 11/7/11, and he gave me an accessory "Magic Stone Ring [1]". It has 0 defense, 0 weight, 0 level requirement and can only be used by Swordsmen. It also gives +2 STR. It cannot be stored and I'm guessing it can't be mailed or traded either.)